ASGAARD pieces are entirely hand-made. Our artisans work with great effort to assure the quality and durability of each pair. The shoes are rich in history and filled with traditional knowledge, stretching back for centuries. So kindly keep in mind that these are sincere craftsmanship products, that have been designed to allow for natural discrepancies and textural differences. Thus embracing the true spirit of proud footwear artisans.

    The artisans hand. Do kindly note that the some of the leather we used is reversed horse leather, meaning the backside of the leather, which has a naturally crinkled effect. This is part of the artisanal construction of each pair of ASGAARD shoes. It is imbedded in our DNA. The characteristic surface inconsistency, simply makes each piece of leather unique.

    As mentioned, each piece of leather is hand-picked, meticulously inspected, treated and matched before our craftsmen begin the assembly process. In this process, no two pairs are 100% alike, small variations are a natural consequence of the unique construction process used by our atelier. Even the right or left shoe in a pairing might be a little different, allowing for slight ecological variations in texture.
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