As you might have heard through the grapevine, we know a thing or two about crafting footwear. At The Last Conspiracy, we are proud of what we do and stand for. Making shoes by hand, also means that we care for our creative studio, the committed production team and most profoundly, our customers. From old, to new, to history and future, we like to operate in-between. With SPIN, we aim to rekindle our technical knowhow, so that our directional footwear conspiracy, may prosper and endure.

Remember that old pair of trusty waders, those TLC boots you wore for years and years, but never got around to giving the love and care they certainly deserve?

We feel for them. Therefore, we resole, repair, rewax and resell returned boots and leather derbies. In this special SPIN system, we operate as an agile collective. From handling returned boots, assessing the damages, and finding the right way to repair them.

SPIN embraces a special method that allows us to mend holes, burn marks, or scuffs, by seamlessly patching the shoe, as every pair is given a singular appearance. Indeed, as you are used to from our ateliers, patchwork is a most traditional technique, used for over 10 decades. Our savvy craftsmen know how to handle anything we (or you) throw at them.

The leather scraps used in this process are directly sourced from previous production runs, so nothing goes to waste in our ateliers. We care about what we do and about our surroundings. What better way to do so, then by respecting those that came before us whilst striving for a better tomorrow.

Every single limited edition SPIN drop will be irregular, spontaneously flowing alongside the whims of our atelier. A pair copped from these drops is a unique way to own a set of softly broken-in boots, that have lived, travelled, and were deeply loved and cared for, only to set off further onto new horizons. Call it a tiny favor to our beloved planet, that continues to nurture, amazed and inspire us. Take your boots for a spin with us.

This is when we become one, The Last Conspiracy


  • Send 4 pictures to spincollective@thelastconspiracy.com
    • Front
    • Diagonal 
    • Side
    • Sole

You can see an example of how the picture are supposed to be HERE

  • We will give you an estimated price within 10-14 weekdays. You will never get lower than the minimum estimated price. 
  • Example: if we estimate between €150 - €200, you will never get less than €150. 
  • If you agree to the estimated buying price, you'll ship the item to us. 
  • When we receive them, we will make a final evaluation of the item and send you the offer. 
  • The offer is valid for 7 days, and then it expires.
  • If you decide not to go for it, we will return the item to you. 
  • You pay for the shipping to us (We always recommend tracked shipping)
  • The amount is only valid as a voucher to our online store, and can not be exchanged for cash or a refund.